Perfect Vocals Academy is a source that offers a unique experience for music producers and artists, by providing cutting-edge vocal production knowledge.

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The Ultimate Vocal Production Handbook is your guide that covers very specific instructions for achieving the ultimate quality for your vocal productions! Many secrets and an overall inside look at how I approach vocal production!

The Ultimate Vocal Production Handbook


John Burke -(Perfect Vocals Academy Founder)

About John Burke

Starting at 15 I joined a band called Forever In Terror which quickly signed a deal with Metal Blade Records out of Simi Valley California. I learned what tour life was about, writing songs, and being in the studio. At 18 I left the band to attend Musician’s Institute for a Recording Institute of Technology Certification. At 19 I worked at a private recording studio for 3 years in Cleveland recording bands for a record label owner. At 22 I started my own recording studio in Northeast ohio called Vibe Recording Studios. Vibe was a home to many bands and solo artists for 7 years. At age 29 I closed the studio and moved to Nashville , TN with my wife. At this point I transformed my business, now called Vibe Studios Mixing, into a remote mixing and mastering business that I operate from home. Now at age 31 my mission is to take my 20,000 hours of vocal production knowledge and funnel it into articles and products to help others flourish in their up and coming careers!

Have you ever struggled getting your voice or other singer’s voices to sound great in recordings? Have you been let down after spending hundreds or thousands of dollars at studios? Or maybe you have only done home recording and just can’t get it to sound right?

Well if the answers were yes for any of those questions, I would like to help! There are a ton of sources nowadays for learning this stuff but I decided to make an academy that niche’s down to vocal production only! I have built my career on being very skilled with how I approach vocals and I’d love to help by sharing my secrets with you!

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