It’s up to the singer to give the mic a great signal.

So many times I run into a problem while recording a vocalist. The problem is usually harsh characteristics. Whether it be a “K” or a “T” or an “S”…certain letters can sound pretty brutal if the singer isn’t careful. Here’s my theory…singers are more often singing in clubs through an Sm58 than in the studio singing into a Neumann U87. Which means they over compensate with their voice. A dynamic mic sounds better when you over compensate because it creates a compression within the mic. This is why screamers in metal bands sound so good through an Sm7b mic. A dynamic mic will help a singer sound better when they push out sibilance too hard but what works even better, is when the singer lightens up. It sounds obvious but singers have to use techniques just like the engineer does. It’s a team effort. So as a producer you should politely ask the singer if they could lighten up on how hard they are pronouncing words. It will make a crazy difference! Now in the mixing stage when the vocal is compressed, the vocal will sound smooth to the ears! Try it out! Let me know what you think!

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