Compression is cool, eq is too, but dynamic eq is awesome!

Vocals are unlike any instrument ever when it comes to mixing. I’ve heard problem frequencies in almost every area you can think of! Sometimes singers sound really muddy, or super harsh, or the sibilance on an “s” word can cut right through glass! Others sound chesty and don’t have any brightness in their voice. The thing that makes this complicated for standard eq and compression is that a singer has the ability to sing differently all through the song. Maybe the verses have too much low mids or in other words…is too muddy, but once they are belting the high notes in the chorus…the singer needs that low mid mud to balance everything out. With dynamic eq, we are able to dial in a compressor that is compressing just the frequency problem areas! Pretty awesome right? The most common places in the frequency spectrum is in the low mids between 150 and 500hz as well as the high mids between 2khz and 5khz. I’m not saying you won’t use it in any other areas but the majority of the time the problems are in these areas! Comment below if you have ever struggled with this and if dynamic eq would help you out! There’s a free plug in called TDR Nova if you need a dynamic eq plug in!

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