High and low shelf eq rules!

Almost every vocal you will ever record will not be bright enough and/or is too flabby in the low end and low mids. I’ve used a couple mics and a few singers that it wasn’t the case, but this is very common guys….I’m going to give you a little tip. Shelf Eq. Ok that’s it, see ya next time! Just kidding, I’ll elaborate. This is a simple concept though. Did you know you can get similar results whether you use a low shelf and cut or a high shelf and boost? It’s a balancing act. Cutting a few db of let’s say, 300hz and lower will sound similar to boosting a few db of 4k and higher. When the low frequency content is reduced, automatically the highs become more defined and clear. When you boost 8k and up a few db, automatically the lows and low mids become less muddy and don’t sound like much of a problem anymore. So here is the secret sauce tip of when to do which! The deciding factor for me is how severe the sibilance is and how harsh the vocal is. If it has harsh or intense sibilance I’m not going to want to boost the highs more. It will intensify the problem. If the vocal isn’t harsh or containing extreme sibilance issues, boost the high shelf. Hope this helps you all! Comment your thoughts!

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