So what is multi-band compression?

I had a request to chat about multi and compression so hopefully this clears things up for some of you. A multi-band compressor is a very simple concept but setting it up properly can take some good ear training. If you read my new ebook called The Ultimate Vocal Handbook, it may help a bit to know what to do with the multi-band compressor. Let me explain…a multi band compressor usually has 4 to 6 bands. The one I use has 4, its called Waves C4. The smartest way to use this plug-in is to first diagnose the problem frequency areas. This is done by ear, or you can use a frequency analyzer. I prefer by ear. If you read my book I mentioned above, you will now be able to recognize the problem frequencies. I’ll give you an example…let’s say the singer was really close to the mic when recording. On certain words, the voice gets boomy with excessive amounts of low end. This is a perfect scenario for the multi-band. Now you can set your first band on the plug-in to the range of where the boomy/low end frequencies live. In my book I explain that 125hz is the sound of the rumble that an airline creates. So we can set the multi band to where 125hz is about in the middle of the range. So by setting the multi band compressor band to 0hz to 200hz, the compressor will now compress everything that is in that range. To compress adjust the threshold on that band. Now that the boomy vocal is being controlled and sounding better, now you should bypass the plug in and compare to before you added the multi band. If you notice it lacks low end now, just turn up the gain on that specific low frequency band. This technique applies to ANY vocal frequency problem you will come across! Hope this helps! Write your comments below!

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