So you want to start recording at home?

I figured I would give some suggestions for someone starting out in home recording! First off you will need a laptop or desktop computer. Windows or Mac is fine. The more current the operating system on the computer the better! Software developers seem to lack compatibility with older systems. How inconsiderate of them! Once you have your computer, now you will need an audio interface. Since you are only recording vocals you can get away with a cheap interface! I have used Motu for the passed 8 years and I am very pleased. For $169 at you can get the Motu M2. This is all you need to get your voice into the computer! Next is going to be a recording program. They all work, so any will do. GarageBand is free with Mac computers, Windows I think Mixcraft is free but I’m not sure because I use Mac. You can use a program called Reaper for only $60. Many people like Reaper. For mac users you can download Logic for $199. I use Protools, and have for 12 years but they have switched to monthly subscriptions and to buy it upright is $700 I believe. There are many other programs so just go search Digital Audio Workstations on Google. Lastly you need some isolated headphones and a microphone. A dynamic mic will be great for louder singers, because it will reduce the background noise. A Shure Sm7B or an Electrovoice RE20 are great. For softer singers you may need to stick with a condenser mic. Look up the Audio Technica AT4040. Cheaper mics will do the trick too! Pick up a nice XLR mic cable and a mic stand too! Comment questions below!

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