Can some simple encouragement result in a better vocal performance?

Let’s talk about something not so technical. Let’s talk about something psychological. Have you ever recorded a singer or yourself and felt like the singer was getting stuck in a rut? Like no matter what each and every take is progressively getting worse? This happens folks. Singers lose the energy mentally. They can even start to question their purpose of being a singer. Their mind can be telling them “just give up, no professional singers have to try this many times!”

Unfortunately this is a real thought that happens for the artist and it’s very common. Here’s the bright side, your opinion as a recording engineer or producer is very valuable! Sometimes it can even act as the key ingredient to change their mindset completely. Maybe the singer hasn’t heard the words “hey, you are really great at what you do, and what you offer is very authentic! No one can replicate what you do!” A little pep talk, it can be very short, can shift the singer’s mindset and give them rocket fuel!!

On the other hand if you are recording yourself, you could try bringing a friend in the studio to give their opinion or email the track to them. Tell them “it’s not a finished product but overall what do you think?” Odds are, they will give you a positive response that will recharge your battery! You could also take a long break and watch some live videos of singers you look up to and realize that they don’t even sing perfectly! Rather than being perfect, it’s about the heart you put into your vocals. When you watch your favorite singers live, it won’t be perfect, but 9 times out of 10, their heart is in the right place and passion pours into the mic! If you have any other ideas to encourage a singer or yourself in the studio, please leave a comment!

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