Can mood really affect a vocal performance?

So here’s an interesting topic…can a singer’s mood affect their vocal performance? It absolutely can! I have worked with singer’s before that were going through things that weighed heavy on them and they really couldn’t find the technique anymore. It’s like the singer had a wall constraining them from singing.

This is sad to see, but it also shows me how much mind power singing takes. Is singing more of a physical thing in your throat or does your brain drive the bus? It seems to me that singing is 85% mental and 15% physical. While this may seem extreme…think about how much better you sang when you weren’t afraid or nervous, when you weren’t angry or sad, or when you weren’t questioning if you were a good singer or not. Your mind plays a huge part in your performance. It’s important to be well rested, well meditated, spiritually prepared, and overall happy when you hit the studio!

2 thoughts on “Can mood really affect a vocal performance?

  1. I really appreciate this entry. As a mom of a 2 and 1 year old, I stay exhausted and my brain is almost always all over the place since they have been born. Now it takes even more energy for me to sing the way I was able to before being pregnant. I am definitely having to be very conscious and stay focused on my mental health in order to keep joy and positive feelings towards myself on how my voice feels and comes out at shows and for recordings when I am going through tough times. This makes me feel less crazy about it for sure! I’m always saying to my duo partner, “I just get so frustrated with how often my voice feels and sounds tired lately.” Like physically I’ll go in feeling ready to take on all of the songs and then as I begin, real life starts to smack me in the face. So again, thank you for this! It is a great reminder that my passion and line of work depends on my being healthy not only physically, but mentally as well.


    1. Thanks so much for sharing this Chelsie. This is real talk right here. Life can come with a lot of burdens and distractions but if we nurture our mental health and fight for our happiness, we can still feel that true passion of music like the first day we started doing music! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!


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