What separates you from the next producer?

Have you ever thought about this? Why should someone hire you instead of someone else? It’s important to know your strong qualities and really use them to your advantage. Maybe you are great with lyrics and add value by suggesting small changes while working with artists. Maybe your like me and you have a really good ear for vocal harmonies. You could be very talented with mixing and know just how to give that finalized sound. There is a long list of possible skills you could be great at, but it’s important that you sort of niche down. Instead of trying to be the best at all of them, just try to do the best and push hard at what your strong with. You will find that passion comes into play because you are working hard on the things you ENJOY doing not the things you are just trying to get good at to compete with the competition.

When you figure out what makes you special, and why someone should work with you…use that when talking to a new client. Paint the picture for them that you can add a large amount of value to what they do that may be hard for them to find elsewhere. It’s out there for them, but convincing them that you can fill that void will eliminate them having to go on an endless search for the right producer!

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