Singers, you have a bigger range than you think……

This is a huge debate with vocal instructors. Some think you are limited to a certain vocal range that you were born with and others believe you can have a 5 octave range! I follow Brett Manning and he believes we are able to have that 5 octave range… male or female…it’s possible!

He is right because the number one thing that limits singers from having a big range is not being able to get out of their chest voice! I get it, it’s very natural to sing from your chest because that is where you talk from. All day everyday you are use to talking from your chest. This can definitely make things tricky for you. In order to get out of your chest and into your mixed voice, you need to practice resonance.

What is resonance? Let me explain…

When you hum a melody, your face should vibrate and almost give you a tickling sensation because of the vibrations. If you don’t feel the tickle, then you must practice humming. Many vocal exercises have you humming scales for a reason! If you can get good at humming or in other words….vibrating your face, then you can create great resonance in your singing voice. Resonance will allow you to hit those super low notes and those very high notes.

There is another factor though that some people still struggle with…. and that is vocal chords. When singing high notes you need to slightly compress your vocal chords to avoid strain. On low notes you need to relax them more how you would when you are talking. Don’t let this last part throw you off, practice resonance/humming and you will be surprised on how your range improves!

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