One ear off or press headphones firmly….

One thing that I have learned over the years is that you can’t hear that well in headphones while recording. You also don’t want to turn them up too loud because then you will get headphone bleed into the mic.

There’s 2 methods that work wonders though. The first method is the “one ear off” method. This is very common for singers to do while recording. It works very well. Take one headphone off, press that headphone against your head to reduce headphone bleed into the mic, and you will hear your voice well! You will also hear your self with no latency. Real-time monitoring will assure that you are singing the parts to your full advantage! This is even a common technique for singers at a live performance. Many singers will take one in-ear monitor out to hear themselves better.

The other method I have found super helpful is what I call the “press firmly” method. With this method you simply take your hands and press the headphones firmly against both ears. This will increase the volume of the headphones, bring in more low end to make your voice sound fuller, and reduce headphone bleed into the mic even more! If you are the type that doesn’t need one ear off, I would recommend using this method at all times! As long as there aren’t a lot of plug-ins causing latency and the buffer settings are low, there should be little to no latency!

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