A good visual is important in your DAW!

This article is targeted towards the non-Pro tools users! I have noticed that programs other than Pro tools have a bad visual for editing audio. Logic, garageband, presonus one, etc are just a few that come to mind. It is very important that we can visually see the gridlines and that we correctly set the tempo right.

First you MUST find the correct tempo of the song and make sure all of the drums and instruments are quantized to perfect time or near perfect time. If this step is done, you should see the gridlines in Pro tools lining up with drum hits etc. Although there may be a way that I’m not aware of, but when I have used Logic before, I could not really see where the grid lines were to be able to edit audio.

If you can’t see where the downbeat is located at, it will be hard to copy paste chorus vocals, or will be tricky to chop and move around vocals that are off time. I have always been a Pro Tools guy because the editing window is so easy on the eyes! Although Logic and other programs may look easier to use when it comes to other things like a mix window or general functions, the edit window I have found almost useless.

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