Does your vocal eq sound balanced?

So what makes a vocal sound so good that it leaves you speechless? Well other than the performance which is up to the singer…. it’s the tone and quality of the vocal. What makes the tone and quality good is a well balanced vocal. The right amount of lows, low-mids, mids, high-mids, and highs.

So how do you achieve this? ….I do it with my ears. After lots of practice, your ears can pinpoint if something sounds off balance. Listen to the vocal with and without the music to determine what needs done. You should be able to find things you don’t like. Maybe it’s not bright enough, maybe it’s too bright. It could be muddy and muffled, or it could need more warmth.

My tip to you is to do one thing at a time and don’t do things too drastically. Handle ONE problem at a time. Look at it as “building the vocal sound” by carving it and shaping it to accommodate your ears and what they want to hear. If you are unsure what frequencies need work to get the vocal balanced, check out my ebook called The Ultimate Vocal Production Handbook!

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