Parkinson’s law

Here’s some business knowledge for you all
Parkinson’s Law a human will fill whatever time was allotted for its completion.
In other words….humans will naturally expand work to fill the time available for it’s completion. Give yourself 1 hour to complete and you WILL find a way to get it done. Give yourself time limits and stop having everything open-ended.

I have found this SO TRUE. In my early days of doing business I would never give myself a time limit to complete tasks. Instead I would work around the clock and still feel like I didn’t get enough done.

Just because you are productive does not mean you are efficient. That’s some golden wisdom for all people. Have you ever been under serious pressure for a deadline and you only had a certain amount of time to do it? Did you get it done in time? I bet you did, because that’s how Parkinson’s law works. Once I heard the CEO of Pixar say that they never finish movies, they release them. Brilliant. This philosophy goes to show that you give yourself the time to do it, and then you deliver….or else you may be working on your art FOREVER!

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