Perfect Vocals Academy 1-on-1 Coaching Program

So You have decided you want to be a professional in audio or have decided you want to produce and engineer your own music to improve your creative process.

You have purchased a computer program, mic, interface, plug ins, instruments etc! You are subscribed to many YouTube channels that you watch on the daily about professional audio….

Yet you still feel kind of lost. 

Pursuing audio can be a long and lonely road of trial and error. After all, it is a science! 

I want to help you along your journey. At the core of Perfect Vocals Academy there is just a guy with 17 years of following a long and lonely road in Audio. 

I’m John Burke and I’m that guy. Let’s do things differently for you and move your journey along way faster! 

With coaching you can bring all your unanswered questions to me and we can diagnose things together. You can bring your mixes and fix any road blocks! Cut straight to the point and learn where you are lacking! Coaching can be a way better learning method for some people. Not everyone learns best from an online course. The time is now to get better in audio. Sign up now!

What’s included?

  • 3 months/12 Weeks of coaching. (1) 60 minute session per week. Sessions are done via Zoom with high quality Pro Tools Audio provided by AudioMovers.
  • Editing, mixing, or mastering your projects together during included sessions
  • 1 month of email interaction after coaching is completed. Ask any questions you have after the coaching period is done.
  • Coaching advice on how to become a profitable audio professional

Perfect Vocals Academy 1-on-1 Coaching Program

Limited slots available. When slots are full, coaching will close and re-open in the future.


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