Do you need more clarification on vocal compression?

If compression isn’t making much sense, let me clear this up for you. First I want you to listen to the vocal with no compression. How dynamic does it sound? Are there really quiet words and really loud? Or maybe it’s pretty consistent and doesn’t vary too much. This will let you know upfront theContinue reading “Do you need more clarification on vocal compression?”

So what is multi-band compression?

I had a request to chat about multi and compression so hopefully this clears things up for some of you. A multi-band compressor is a very simple concept but setting it up properly can take some good ear training. If you read my new ebook called The Ultimate Vocal Handbook, it may help a bitContinue reading “So what is multi-band compression?”

How do you know how much compression to use on a vocal?

There are a lot of opinions when it comes to vocal compression. I was taught in recording school to never get more than 3 db of gain reduction. Although that may work sometimes, its definitely not always the case! Odds are, a singer will belt a high note 15db louder than the previous note andContinue reading “How do you know how much compression to use on a vocal?”

Compression is cool, eq is too, but dynamic eq is awesome!

Vocals are unlike any instrument ever when it comes to mixing. I’ve heard problem frequencies in almost every area you can think of! Sometimes singers sound really muddy, or super harsh, or the sibilance on an “s” word can cut right through glass! Others sound chesty and don’t have any brightness in their voice. TheContinue reading “Compression is cool, eq is too, but dynamic eq is awesome!”