A good visual is important in your DAW!

This article is targeted towards the non-Pro tools users! I have noticed that programs other than Pro tools have a bad visual for editing audio. Logic, garageband, presonus one, etc are just a few that come to mind. It is very important that we can visually see the gridlines and that we correctly set theContinue reading “A good visual is important in your DAW!”

This is the best way to trim and edit background noise in vocals…

When recording vocals there’s always going to be some background noise. Noise gates can work but are hard to set to a good setting if the singer has any sort of dynamics. Gates can work well for rap music usually or for rock/metal singers who are always loud. I want to talk about manually editingContinue reading “This is the best way to trim and edit background noise in vocals…”

The power of nudging in Protools!

I’m going to share with you a super simple technique to improve your vocal productions! One word…nudge. Nudging is simply sliding vocals ahead in time or back in time. Protools has a function to move audio by pressing the + or – key on the numeric keypad. Just select the part you would like toContinue reading “The power of nudging in Protools!”